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Think with Your Heart... 
& Feel with Your Head.

By Elizabeth Carpenter, MS., L.Ac.

I love this quote from Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

founder of Naam Yoga: 


"Think with Your Heart…"

We get so trapped in our heads trying to find solutions to problems. 

We’re taught even as toddlers, to be rational. 

In truth, the ability to evaluate information logically is a critical success skill.  But when it comes to happiness, and really feeling that big YES about our lives?... this is not the province of the intellect.  This is fulfillment of the heart. 

Thinking with the heart is the ability to synch physical, circumstantial reality with what feeds the soul.  To do this, we must bypass the rational mind, and access our inner vault-- the heart, where real knowledge of who we are, what brings joy and what makes sense--for us-- resides.

"….and Feel with Your Head."

Conversely, we need to feel with our heads. (Interestingly, mastering this ability opens the way to “thinking with the heart.”) 

When we feel emotionally jammed, our energy gets jammed in our bodies.  We become prisoners of how we feel.  And when we’re stuck like that, we are paralyzed, because emotion drives everything about us.

The admonition to feel with your head means that when we find ourselves overwhelmed--and it’s “Ground Hog Day” every minute because the tape loop in our head keeps replaying the story, evidence, and justification for why we feel so awful—it’s time to use that big rational brain of ours to break the cycle. 

We must get curious and ask ourselves important questions:  “What am I really feeling?…And if I'm honest with myself, where's that really coming from ?…What’s holding me hostage? What piece of this story can I shift to let this play out differently?”  i.e. We need to leverage our enormous intellectual capacity for problem-solving, to tease open the emotional jam so our “heart” intelligence provides solutions that satisfy.

When we think with our hearts, we create the life we love.  When we feel with our heads we move obstacles to get beyond pain.

In effect, what we’re really doing is balancing the two sides of our brain -- creativity and logic.  And that’s called genius.

To Thriving! 


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