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Great scientists, business leaders, doctors and healers, musicians and artists of all kinds, spiritual teachers, detectives, athletes, mathematicians and psychics share a core practice:  Intuition.

Far from flaky, intuition arises through the art and discipline of being supremely “present” or aware.  It is a highly creative state, well-studied and published upon, called “Flow.”

When in “flow,” answers come easily, problems are solved, creativity abounds as time stretches and flexes.

Normal [Newtonian] laws of cause and effect are buffeted about in this [Einsteinian] energy vortex where revelation appears in a heightened state of [what children know as] “play.”

Access to data and other kinds of information escalates as filters regularly present in our logical, analytic, “thinking” mind are by-passed.

Intuition is the stuff of genius.

And each of us is equipped to summon it.


Through honing the skill of inducing and conducting the state of “Flow.”  There are many windows and doors leading to “flow.”  A particularly reliable one is meditation.

While there are literally dozens of meditation techniques and approaches (note: here’s an opportunity to give up the cliche image of sitting uncomfortably cross-legged on the floor), one particular type of meditation is well documented to create cohesiveness in the electromagnetic fields of the heart and brain–leading straight to “flow.”

The side-effect of Radiant Heart Meditation:

  • increased ability to self-heal physical issues
  • increased, sustained states of happiness.

Ready to start?  Oriens has 2 opportunities for you coming right up:

Friday, September 7, 2012–6:30-8pm: 

Evening Introduction to Radiant Heart Meditation

September 21-23, 2012 Weekend in Woodstock, NY: 

Radiant Heart & Developing Intuition Retreat

To thriving!

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