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Summarizing the problem

Most of us are navigating a level of stress that we were not prepared for, a kind of complexity and pace demand that no generation before us has encountered.  As a species we have never needed to adapt and evolve more quickly and on so many fronts.

As a consequence of the many forms of stress we persistently encounter (chemical, physical, psychological, emotional) we are breaking down faster and in more ways than ever before.

What generations before us rarely experienced before their later years, if ever, are commonplace even in our youth.  Cancers, auto-immune illnesses, mood disorders, attention, brain and memory problems, exhaustion, obesity, infertility are all associated with stress maladaptation.

Stress is the constant theme of our "new normal."

Where We Are

Many of us experience a fuzzy layer of dissatisfaction or fear of catastrophe.  Little details of our health, such as digestion, sleep or immunity are not quite right.  Our sublimation tactics of entertainment and distraction or prescription drugs leave us vulnerable when they wear off.  Even getting what we've aimed for - the job, money, position or family life of our ambitions - sometimes cannot keep the predators of fear and despair at bay.

It can feel like the cliche of the spinning plates or the juggler's balls, as if we can't stop and are barely holding it together. Although it appears, from the outside, like we shouldn't have anything to complain about. We know we are succeeding and blessed. The draining emotion of guilt accompanies our angst.

But we are made for so much more. We certainly hope there is more, and want more.


Where We Want to Go

We crave a sense of security, freedom from fear and anxiety. We wish to know we are doing the right thing, and to feel hopeful about the present and future, and to have relief from self-doubt.

We want to know we have a purpose and are living it, and enjoy a sense of rightness and fulfillment in our lives.

We want to know we are healthy, feel healthy, and have our bodies and our minds behave, and fall under our control.

The problem is how to get there.

Acute & Chronic Stress Solutions

We need tools for living.

This practice is aligned with the The HeartMath® Institute, providing patients with training in exceptional self-regulation techniques.  Self-regulation means you, in real life and in real time, can move yourself into calm and peace regardless of your situation.  These are internal self-management techniques.

The HeartMath® approach is the preferred stress management system of the American Board of Functional Medicine.  NASA, some U.S. Special Forces, many Olympians and countless first responders, nurses and relief workers are trained in HeartMath® techniques.

Chronic Stress:  Over time, usage of these simple techniques retrain your brain and nervous system, your heart and physical body to experience more ease, more of the time.  Increases in productivity, feelings of satisfaction and wellbeing, expanded creativity and intuition, and improvements in physical health are demonstrated by research to be linked to increased time spent in the ease state called "coherence" by science, or "flow" by the rest of us. HeartMath® techniques teach you to produce coherence on demand.

Acute Stress:  In crisis, the techniques allow you to slow down internally while you speed up to meet adversity and challenge. Research shows your thinking and reaction times accelerate when using the techniques.

Patient Options and Group Trainings

Elizabeth Carpenter is certified by The HeartMath® Institute.
Patients may schedule appointments specifically for HeartMath® Training.

Patients in both the Wellness Practice and the Fertility Practice may learn selected HeartMath® techniques inside their regular treatment sessions, as part of Next Level care, because handling stress is an essential skill.

You may also book HeartMath® Training Workshops for your employees or organization, by contacting Oriens Living at 212.213.5785 or

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