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Rapid Transformational Therapy

"...through a single Rapid Transformation Therapy session I feel that I have gained more clarity, calm and sense of knowing myself than I could have ever gotten through regular intensive therapy.

Elizabeth was able to pinpoint and, with great care and compassion, help me work through deep rooted issues I have long struggled with...

The outcomes of our work together have been a complete change of mindset, a new calm energy, reduction of stress and anxiety and liberating lightness of being."

- Julia Borowicz

There is a reason behind every physical or emotional problem.

In one RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy)
session, we will discover why you developed the problem you have.

And you will take your power over it, forever.

Nothing is more fulfilling than helping someone pivot from being a victim of genes, feelings, and circumstances, to owner-creator of their story, body, and health.

Through 20 years of clinical practice in integrative, mind-body and Chinese medicine, and thousands of client and patient life stories unfolding, I've learned that each of us is fascinating and unique.

And yet we all yearn for the same things: strong and real physical health, meaningful relationships, personal fulfillment, self-belief, self-mastery, resilience, achievement.

In sum - we all crave the ability to feel and live enthusiastically and well.

RTT is a tremendous tool.

It has transformed the pace and depth of patient and client transformation. What we used to do through weeks or months of counseling, we do in 2 hours. Anything else we do together builds from this extraordinary foundation.

Hidden internal beliefs are what keep most of us stuck in the status quo (whether those are tied to why your body produces a symptom/condition, why you feel crippled by emotions and thoughts, or why you aren't getting what you want).

When those are "outed" and lose their power over you, your beautiful innate intelligence system (your original DNA & system coding for thriving), your power to create what you want for yourself, your extraordinary heart -- all become available to you.

Facilitating your breakthrough and transformation through RTT, bringing everything I know from decades in medicine with me into our work together, is a great joy for me, and a game-changer for you!


While I have a general practice and welcome requests on any issue, I have enormous experience with medically diagnosed or other physical problems, as well as emotional and self-esteem struggles.

Of course, these may both be occurring simultaneously and influence each other! We'll figure it out!

I do not see clients seeking help for addictions and phobias.


New York City - my office is on the Upper West Side

Virtual - my office is on Zoom

"My RTT Hypnotherapy session with Elizabeth Carpenter and the special daily recording she made for me in the session has been truly transformational.

It has opened up a whole new way of thinking for me about my path, which I now approach with enthusiasm and optimism rather than trepidation. It’s like I’ve been rewired. Elizabeth’s caring guidance and recommendations have all been spot on.

The issue I sought her help and RTT for is now progressing amazingly well and I'm excited about the future!"

~ Maria Vitagliano


Single RTT Sessions - includes custom audio + 30 min Zoom follow-up call

RTT-Based Programs

Breakthrough Intensive: 2hr RTT Session & custom audio, 2hr Deep Dive Evaluation (east-meets-west health/life/medical history consultation), Custom Self-Care Action Plan, 60 min Zoom follow-up

Healing Journey Program: 3 months / bi-weekly sessions; initial RTT & custom audio, follow-up sessions counsel and coach you through your medical or other journey; additional RTT as needed; unlimited text support

Transform 360: 3 months, 3 issues; each month we do an RTT session (with a new custom audio) focused on the life or health issue most urgent to you, 2 additional 60 minute coaching/counseling sessions per month + unlimited text support

Through this link you can Request a complimentary Introductory Consult Call