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Next Level Approach

Oriens Living provides results-oriented natural healthcare to adults and adolescents using Elizabeth Carpenter’s signature approach, Next Level Healing (NLH).

In Next Level Healing, the dual worlds of left and right brain, eastern and western medicine, research and ancient healing arts, medical fact and intuition merge.  Treatment operates at the frontier of where modern medicine must go: the intersection of best practices culled from scientific research and the sheer power of energy medicine.

Elizabeth Carpenter has developed the Next Level approach through nearly twenty years of clinical experience, consistent study of medical science and complementary medicine, and deep engagement in the alternative healing arts. Although seemingly at odds, when these worlds are connected, they create breakthrough and transformation in the health and lives of patients.

The clinical effectiveness of the Next Level approach stands on the body of knowledge amassed through medical research in the mechanisms of acupuncture, complementary medicine and nutritional science. Evidence-based best practices in these established fields form the platform upon which real patient treatment strategies are built.

The healing arts deliver a rich body of knowledge and an, as yet, not fully understood ability to cure and transform. Informed by, but not limited to the methodologies of complementary medicine, Healers use their own meditative skills and intuitive gifts to access and activate the innate healing mechanism that exists within each of us. Healers tap into a patient’s hidden resources to manipulate energy, and to bring forward information and means critical to the outcome. Science has not yet caught up to explain how we do it.


Our Name Expresses Our Philosophy & Approach

The name of the practice is Oriens Living.

Oriens is the latin root of the word oriental. It means facing east, toward the rising sun, where a new day begins.

Living suggests all of you. Your health, your perspective, your heart. These are not separate pieces. From Chinese medicine we know they are interdependent and inseparable. Together they ARE your experience. They are, in short, your life.

The most current medical science repeats that ancient truth in different language. Epigenetics, human microbiome and psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology research talk to us of our Supergenes. They explain that our health and lives dance a complex tango of cause and effect, with the heart and mind playing leading roles.

Whether your comfort zone is cutting edge research or ancient and eternal wisdom, the message is the same. We really are programmed for thriving. But we must engage our genetics, our minds and our lives differently and better to break through into that potential.

Oriens Living is committed to moving patients to their next level of health and wellbeing, by providing treatment and advice which operate at the next level of medicine: where science and healing meet, where potential is exposed and opportunity for real and meaningful change is likely.

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