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Reiki is well known for its soothing, calming effect, its gentleness, and the sense of well-being and renewal most people experience upon receiving it.

Next Level Reiki builds upon traditional reiki.  It is a form of Medical Qi Gong developed by Elizabeth Carpenter, MS, L.Ac.  The peace and relaxation of reiki and the strategic conduction of energy towards a therapeutic goal of qi gong.  Both of these ancient healing practices from the East involve the practitioner's hands placed on or near the patient at various locations. Biomagnetic pulsations from the practitioner’s hands strategically direct the patient’s electromagnetic fields to cause healing.

How Next Level Reiki Heals

The activities of our cells and tissues generate electrical fields which can be detected on the skin surface. Corresponding magnetic fields occupy the surrounding space.  Biomedicine uses our biomagnetic fields for advanced imaging such as MRI. Energy Medicine alters electromagnetic fields for advanced healing.  The things we define as illness or injury (abnormal cells, inflammation, diseased tissue, compromised blood flow, blood chemistry imbalances, etc.) simultaneously cause and partially result from changes in our electromagnetic fields.

In Next Level Reiki, the patient’s fields are detected and frequency matched. The goal may be broad, such as reducing inflammation generally or very specific to stimulate the repair or function of nerves, bones, glands, skin, capillaries, muscles, connective tissue or other systems and structures.  

Next Level Reiki has wide-ranging healing application. Simple and complex, new and chronic problems respond to it. A short list includes injury, anxiety, headaches, exhaustion, inflammation, damage from cancer therapies, recovery from surgery, insomnia, chronic pain, asthma, menstrual pain, bloating and indigestion.

* Oriens treatments and programs integrate well with biomedical care.  Energy medicine and mind-body practices are not a replacement for care and monitoring from your physician.

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