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Why Bowen?

Elizabeth brought Bowen Therapy into the practice in 2002 to cover what Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine could not do for pain and injury patients – reset their spine and joints. At the time she was contemplating returning to school for chiropractic or PT for this purpose, but after experiencing Bowen for her own chronic shoulder injury, the choice was clear. Fast results, not painful, few treatments needed.

Bowen work resets your spine and joints through extremely gentle touch, working only with soft tissue. There is no cracking, forcing or pain. Although most patients relax or even sleep through the treatment, the body eagerly absorbs the information that the tiny light pressure moves on the fascia provide. When you get up, things are working again. You will clearly feel the change, and by repeating range of motion tests the pain or mobility progress is assessed.

Acute Injuries & Chronic (or Recurring) Pain

Bowen is exceptional for acute problems and injuries and we often see speedy recoveries. We also choose Bowen to help patients stay out of trouble. For example, we have patients who spend 8+ hours in front of computers for work every day. They schedule a monthly Bowen treatment as prevention for carpal tunnel and neck and shoulder strain.

Some of the most common reasons we bring Bowen therapy into a patient’s care plan are, Back Pain, TMJ, Frozen Shoulder, Knee problems, Chronic Neck & Shoulder Pain, Tendonitis, and Hip or Groin Pain.

Stress, Anxiety and Bowen BRM’s

Stress and anxiety are surprising applications of Bowen, but not really, because of Bowen’s focus on the fascia, and because the spine is part of the central nervous system. BRM stands for Basic Relaxation Move. Most Bowen treatments feature the BRM’s and as a result, no matter whether your complaint is an injury or anxiety, when the session finishes you will feel a sense of “groundedness” (in both the literal and figurative senses) and peaceful wellbeing.

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