3 Tips to Minimize Sugar’s Impact on You this Holiday

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Holidays & Sugar...

...like beach and sand, the two are not all that separable.
The impact is not just on our waistlines.
Sugar hits us in our moods, our energy levels, our sleep, our productivity, our short and long-term health.
Sugar creates havoc for our hormones, right down to our cells.
But 'tis the season! And oh what fun!


1. Add a Fat or Protein
One part of the problem with sugar is that when it floods your system in that concentrated sweetie, your body goes into crisis to manage the seismic jolt. So when you decide to indulge, have some fat or protein with it, to help your body handle it.

2. Clean Up Before & After
Irrigate & flush! Since you will be offered sugar everywhere you go for the next few weeks, expect you'll be indulging. Your body cleans itself through your consumption of pure, filtered or spring water. Since you know you'll be making a mess, give it plenty of extra-preferably hot with lemon. Your digestion, your skin and every other system will thank you.

3. Burst
With all the extra social engagements and calories, it's hard to keep an exercise routine. But you do have 4 minutes every other day to turn yourself into a fat-burning machine. When you flood yourself with sugar your body turns it to fat for safety purposes. "Bursting" (1 minute of getting your heart rate up through intense arm/leg movement -then resting until your heart rate is all the way down) is something you can do anywhere, with no equipment, no special outfit and no need for a shower. It initiates fat-burning for the next 36 hours. Ideas? As many jumping jacks as you can fit in one minute, or high knee running in place while you flail your arms like a crazy person for one minute, or wild dancing to music for one minute. Just get your heart rate UP for ONE minute-not more-then rest until it's all the way down and repeat the sequence 3x. More is not better-just do the 4 burst minutes every other day. Consult your physician if there is any reason to suspect elevating your heart rate might not be safe for you.

4. OK, Four Tips-January Detox
In January Oriens is doing a New Year's Detox to jumpstart your health & weight loss goals. Annual or semi-annual detox is a critical health strategy. Unlike fad or unpleasant "cleanses," this is clean up at the cellular level--where it really counts.

What can a Cellular Level Detox do for you?

  • Boost Your Immune System
  • Balance Your Hormones
  • Unburden Your Body
  • Lose Weight
  • Get Out of Pain
  • Improve Sleep
  • Make Your Brain Happy
  • When Your Cells get Happy, Everything Starts Working Right

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