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What's going on with you?

Women's Health is so much more than gynecologic medical diagnoses.

Women's quality of life, quality of health, level of happiness and fulfillment is all "Women's Health!"

But it is most often our bodies get our attention the loudest. Below you will find examples of problems women commonly come in for help with. Don't let the list stop you.

If you want more, feel life could be more, would like to enjoy it more, or you simply know you could feel so much better physically and emotionally, then you're in the right place.


Stress Management
High Blood Pressure
Burn Out & Exhaustion
Erratic Energy
Mental Fog
Attention & Memory
Mystery Symptoms &
Vague Un-wellness
A Sense that Life Ought to be Better
Disconnected from Intuition



The Overcoming Infertility Program
IVF Support

Transitions & Stages

Menopause Transition
Post-menopause wellness

Cycles & Issues

Absent Cycles
Irregular Cycles
Painful Cycles
Heavy or Prolonged Bleeding
Ovarian Cysts
Uterine Fibroids
Ovulation Pain
Yeast Infections
Low Libido


Pain, nausea
Breech & posterior babies
Threatened miscarriage
Labor preparation
Post-partum care


Internal Medicine

Digestive Disorders

Indigestion, Gas & Bloating
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Constipation & Diarrhea
Crohn’s Disease
Ulcerative Colitis


Metabolic & Hormone Balance Issues

Thyroid & Adrenal Imbalances
Metabolic Syndrome
Weight Loss


Immune Competence

Post-chemo & Radiation Recovery
Common Cold
Chronic Congestion
Chronic Cough Autoimmune
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Frequent Infections



Headaches & Migraines
Facial Pain

Bell’s Palsy
Chronic PainInjuries
Frozen Shoulder
Muscle Weakness & Twitching
Neck & Shoulder Pain
Back Pain
Strains & Sprains
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Carpal Tunnel
Knee Pain
Plantar Fascitis

What I'm passionate about...

is helping women to connect the dots between their life story and what they are experiencing in their physical and emotional health, because that is the key to their case.

That’s where the power is: the power to heal, the power to gain control and create a new outcome, the power for things to be better.

Our bodies dance a complex tango with our genetics, minds, feelings, and outside factors such as food, environment, people, events, traumas, etc.

What shows up as illness, hormone imbalance, a fuzzy layer of dissatisfaction or fear, migraines, IBS, exhaustion, etc., always makes perfect sense when we are willing and able to put the picture together.

That means we need both medical logic, and to listen differently to what our bodies, minds, and hearts are telling us.

"Elizabeth Carpenter is at the forefront of blending the concepts of Eastern and Western Medicine.

I came to Elizabeth for a concerning medical condition; my work with her has given me so much more than that.

With her treatment and guidance, I have optimized my health and well-being. The surprise has been a positive mind-set and renewed sense of energy.

Elizabeth is a kind compassionate practitioner who has been an ongoing source of inspiration for me."

-Manju Rentala, MD


Whatever your goal, likely it is achievable

The secret to success, the reason why women get what they’re after in their work with me, is that we partner. We dispense with the active doctor passive patient model.

The 4 Steps to Success

  1. Evaluate & Explore
  2. Connect the Dots
  3. My Work with You
  4. You, the Healer

Steps 1 & 2 are our first steps together.

Steps 3 & 4 are the partnership that creates your success.

Step 1: Evaluate & Explore

In my Living Office (my office that resembles a living room), we sit down comfortably over tea and have a big conversation in which we go over the in-depth online forms you filled out regarding your health and medical history, any medical reports you provided and any other hard data points. Sounds familiar. But then we go on to discuss what’s not on paper and what rarely is discussed – you and your story.

Your first light bulbs go off here. A few things will happen as I guide you in helping me learn who you are, the context (not just the chronology) in which your problems and frustrations have unfolded, your point of view, the details of how you live, the way you feel about it all, and other related [and often seemingly unrelated] things.

In this step, you will realize that you already have important and often highly accurate insights into why things are the way they are. That is your left brain logic and your feminine intelligence coming through. And in this step of me getting to know you, I figure out what will get you to your goals.

All this emerges because your biography and your biology create one another. In Chinese medicine, that truth is called Jing-Qi-Shen. In biomedicine, it is called psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology. In medical science, it is called epigenetics. In practical application, it means that the facts of your life add up to your current outcomes. And by introducing and shifting certain factors, new outcomes occur.

In other words, this first step lays the groundwork for re-orienting you toward what you seek.

I call my approach, Oriens Living. Oriens is the Latin root of the word oriental. It means to orient yourself to face the rising sun, a new day. Living means just that, living.

Step 2: Connecting the Dots

When women are able to connect the dots between their health, their lives and their stories, their power to heal and feel good is unlimited! In this important next step, I will share with you how I see your situation. I will communicate how all the parts of your story, the outcome you seek, and your current health picture fit together. You will see the big picture and grasp the details. I will lay out the plan for your way forward. You will experience a sense of relief as things finally make sense. You will begin to reconnect with hope and feel inspired about the future.

Step 3: My Work with You
Step 4: You the Healer

These parts of the process are inseparable. They constitute our partnership.

Based on 20 years of helping women heal physically and emotionally, I know this to be true: What I do for you is game-changing, but what you do for yourself is important everyday-medicine that empowers and expedites the outcome you seek. When we partner, change often comes fast.
You will become intuitive.

You will learn that no matter how busy you are, you have the time to take care of yourself. I will teach you how to do that.

"Elizabeth is a WEALTH of knowledge and has been an integral part of my journey toward healing - physically and emotionally - especially with respect to my symptoms and struggles with PCOS.

Since we have been working together these past few months I have had more breakthroughs than I care to count.

Thank you, Elizabeth. I am looking forward to what the rest of the year brings!"

-Gayle Damiano

My job is to bring the medicine that will flip-script your status. Your job is to live and honor yourself in a way that supports your dreams and potential. I will teach you to be your own healer.

I will use my signature layered treatment strategy to provide in-office care. Your sessions will include a combination of Chinese medicine, acupuncture, functional nutrition, hands-on energy work, counseling, and clear instruction and coaching for your “homework” or everyday healing prescription.

You will gain confidence and a sense of control.

You will become intuitive.

You will learn that no matter how busy you are, you have the time to take care of yourself. I will teach you how to do that.

To get started:
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