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"After years of trying every diet in the book ending with feelings of resignation, I was finally able to be hopeful again, and then all around joyous and energetic, shed tons of weight and changed my lifestyle!

I absolutely love Elizabeth, she "gets" it and me, is a smart, compassionate professional- and my not so secret gem!!! My best investment and gift to myself!"

-Tecla Palli-Sandler

"Elizabeth Carpenter and her practice have literally changed my life.

As a female who has struggled with a bad stomach and irregular periods her whole life, I was ready to try anything. I started the process of acupuncture to try and get answers because nothing else was working.

After 17 months of not having my period and doctors not being able to figure out why (and not being able to take hormones because of a pulmonary embolism from years ago) she got me back on track with just a combination of nutritional advice, vitamins, and acupuncture. And it took less than a month!

I've now been going once a week and will continue to do so to maintain this healthy and new lifestyle.
Thank you, Elizabeth!"

-Kristina H.

"I am a regular patient of Elizabeth Carpenter's acupuncture practice; she saved my life many times as I have been dealing with high blood pressure, recurrent back pain, stress etc. Highly recommended, her practice is a safe place where one can regenerate one's energies in complete trust and peace."

-Nadine P.

"I had an excellent experience with Elizabeth.

I went to her with a trapped nerve in my shoulder. After the first session using the Bowen Technique, I could raise my arm. My shoulder and hip dramatically improved in 3 sessions and I went from minimum to normal movement. Also helped my jaw too. Would highly recommend if you have any structural challenges that need dramatic results."

-Sasha A.

"Elizabeth is a WEALTH of knowledge and has been an integral part of my journey toward healing - physically and emotionally - especially with respect to my symptoms and struggles with PCOS.

Since we have been working together these past few months I have had more breakthroughs than I care to count.

Thank you, Elizabeth. I am looking forward to what the rest of the year brings!"

-Gayle Damiano


"Elizabeth Carpenter is at the forefront of blending the concepts of Eastern and Western Medicine.

I came to Elizabeth for a concerning medical condition; my work with her has given me so much more than that.

With her treatment and guidance, I have optimized my health and well-being. The surprise has been a positive mindset and a renewed sense of energy.

Elizabeth is a kind compassionate practitioner who has been an ongoing source of inspiration for me."

-Manju Rentala, MD



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